Upcoming Seminar - Wed, April 11


The seminar is primarily intended for anyone who is thinking of buying a franchise, but will also be of interest and assistance to existing franchisees. The legal basics of being a franchisee will be covered – what to be aware of, preparation required when becoming a franchisee such as due diligence and investigation, and what to expect when dealing with the franchisor.

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If you came here looking for first class legal advice at a reasonable price, you're in the right place! Greg Scott specializes in Alberta Franchise Law, Lease reviews and negotiations and general Alberta law.

A warm bedside manner and a laugh or two are included at no extra cost.

C'mon in . . . . the water is warm & there are no sharks in this tank.

Calgary Franchise Lawyer

Interested in a franchise? Buying one or selling?Franchisee or franchisor?Already in the franchise game & need some legal guidance or legal advice?

Franchises are definitely not “just another business”.Yes, they are all about business but they have their own set of rules and laws, and if you are involved already or seriously thinking about getting involved, then you need some good legal advice.

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General Legal Advice

I have practiced many kinds of law over the years and can offer broad, general advice regarding your legal needs.  This can cover what courses of action are open to you, what the costs might be, how long it will likely take to complete and what the risks are along the way.

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Commercial Lease Law

These can be a strange breed of cat.  Not only are they usually very long and boring to read, regardless of whether you understand them or not, they are almost always tilted very much in favor of whomever wrote them.  Usually that is the landlord or the lawyer for the landlord.

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