Rent a Lawyer

Some businesses are large enough to have a lawyer (or more than one) on staff as an employee (“in house lawyer”) that they can go to whenever they need advice or direction on legal matters.  The in house lawyer is on salary so the cost is fixed.  The business can ask that lawyer as many legal questions as they want, without a meter running.

As well, the in house lawyer gets to know the business very well so is able to provide legal advice that is appropriate to the needs of the business.

However, many other businesses are not able to do that, so they either have to pay the full hourly rate for an outside lawyer or else do without legal advice – they “wing it”.

There is another way.

I can provide services as a part-time in house lawyer, whenever you need it, at a cost that is much less than the regular hourly rate.   I will become familiar with your business at my expense, not yours, and will be available when you need legal advice or direction. 

This will include the “do we even need a lawyer?” type questions, as well as “what will happen if we don’t . . . . ?”  When you do need more specific legal advice or representation on areas of law that I do not handle, I can act as your go-between or interpreter with the outside lawyer that you do need to retain. 

I can also handle legal work for you on a project basis, so that when the project is done, I do not stay around and cost you money.  

This allows you to use legal advice strategically and on a cost-effective basis, and ends the “fear of phoning” factor.

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